Front-end app issue with conversation

Hey Community,

I need to recover the conversation I’m posting. To do this, I’ve set up an event that fires on “ticket.addNote”. Apparently the JSON returned is empty. So I decided to use the “/api/v2/tickets/[id]/conversations” API. The problem is that it doesn’t retrieve the last conversation. Exemple below

  • I am creating a conversation. When I click on “Ajouter une remarque” my trigger is executed “ticket.addNote”.

  • And now when I check the logs. The [ ] are the conversation for this ticket. I created a conversation and the API returns nothing

  • Now I create a new conversation

  • Now I can see my first conversation but not my second

  • and so on

  • Below the requests.json and my function which execute (on event)

Somebody can help me ?
Thanks for your help

Hey @Thierry_BRUN,

Welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community! :tada:
I’ve raised a query about conversation API which returns all the conversations via a support ticket to Freshdesk team.

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