Full page app not shown in Freshsales

I added in the file manifest location: full_page_app as sample in document. But in portal. I don’t see it in left menu.

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Thank you for reporting @cuong.lv.

All of your screenshots were helpful.

We are seeking help from relevant team on this. We will keep you posted with an update.

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Thank you! I still haven’t done it yet :disappointed::pensive:


I got myself connected with Freshsales team. Engineers have taken it for the next sprint to have this problem fixed that would Ideally mean that I can get update back from Freshsales product in atleast 2 weeks before I can share it with you.

If this causes your app development delay, we will make sure we align with Freshsales product team better from the next time. Apologies.

Reason: Freshsales team has been working on another project that impacted this app location.

I have an update @cuong.lv .

Can you upload the app as an custom app and check whether your app shows up? Freshsales team has notified that it should work in production environment.

I will keep you posted upon the status of local app development for this app location.

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Freshsales product team has notified that, the Full page App placeholder will no longer will be available for local testing. This is decision taken conjunction to the roadmap laid out App developers solving problems in CRM category to benefit. News on top of it will be announced soon.

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Did you notice this

Yes! The apps when run in production will able able to full page viewports. Only for Freshsales, in local testing we have above restriction:

We will soon include it in Freshsales documentation to make it more clear.

UPDATE – August 31, 2020:
The Freshsales team has is considering request to support full page placeholder for FDK local running of your apps.

The documentation is now updated :slight_smile:

:link:Placeholders of Freshsales.

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We have raised this as a bug with Freshsales team to be fixed.

cc: @yusrakhatri