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I have few queries regarding the “Full Page Freshdesk Applications”, like if we try to add a component to a freshdesk existing Api end point we are getting that component, we are also able to see the sidebar loaded.

Now if we want do the same for a full page application we are not getting that sidebar loaded, there is a API call to fetch data and we have checked that we are getting data but the rendering of an whole application in freshdesk on a custom Api end point is what I am curious about.

I am new to freshdesk and this is the Code which I have followed from a article →
document.addEventListener(“DOMContentLoaded”, function ()
app.initialized().then((_client) => {
const client = _client;

client.events.on('app.activated', () => {
  client.data.get('domainName').then((data) => {
    document.querySelector('#domain .label').innerHTML = data.domainName;
  }, (err) => {
    showError('User domainName request failed.');
    console.error('User domainName request failed.', err);

function getData(domainName) {

  const options = {
    headers: {
      'Authorization': 'Basic <%= encode(iparam.api_key) %>',
      'Content-Type': 'application/json',

  const STATUS_CODES = [2, 3, 4, 5];

  Promise.all(STATUS_CODES.map((status) => {
    const url = `https://${domainName}/api/v2/search/tickets?query="status:${status}"`;
    return client.request.get(url, options);
  })).then((responses) => { render(responses); })
    .catch((err) => {
      showError('API request(s) failed.');
      console.error('API request(s) failed.', err);

Now the thing working for a simple component like a to do list on tickets page, if we want to implementing similarly an full page component with no extra information and just sidebar, how we can do it.

Hi @arishti_plugin_dev,
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Kindly clarify to me the following

  1. you are trying to implement the same as like sidebar app in the full-page app?
  2. when the Full-page app is loaded, then the sidebar is not loading?
  3. did you get any error on the API endpoint while making the request API call?



So my query is like when we made a component(let’s say ticket generator) and open it on “https://{mydomain}.freshdesk.com/a/tickets/1?dev=true” I am getting that component(sidebar loading).

Now in the case of full page application we don’t want that extra information so how does rendering this application on a custom route happens and we want that we get the same sidebar as previous case but not the extra information and just the app, so how to render that full page app after I have got the data.


Do you want to open the full-page app similar to the ticket sidebar?

is that your question? if so kindly change the placeholder in manifeast.json
you can refer to this document for more reference


So it says that the logo will appear in the Global Sidebar but my “logo is not coming” there, also I have checked whether it is able to get that location or not and it is getting that location, but still not getting the app logo in the sidebar on (https://{mydomain}.freshdesk.com.
The server is running and the code(index.html) and logo is also set in the manifest.json.

have you appended dev=true in the URL? (to open the locally running app)
for more reference, you can verify our sample app repository here :point_down:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:



Hello @arishti_plugin_dev ,

Do you mind sharing your manifest.json here as well?

Would it also be possible for you to share a screenshot demonstrating the problem? Specifically, please do try to point out from the screenshot what is missing or not showing up as expected.


Yes not adding ?dev=true was the problem. I have added it and changed the manifest.json as you said, this two things together worked for me. Thanks a lot.

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