General Availability (GA) release of Entity Storage - Custom Objects for Freshsales Suite

This took long, but we are finally pleased to announce the GA of the dev platform’s Entity Storage feature for Freshsales Classic and Freshsales Suite (formerly Freshworks CRM). You can now leverage the entity storage capability and build apps (Freshworks apps and Custom apps) for Freshsales. Entity storage is also supported in omni apps written for Freshsales Classic and Freshsales Suite.

This feature is available with FDK v8.5.0, also released today. To build Freshsales apps that use entity storage, please ensure to update FDK to v8.5.0+.

For usage details, see the documentation at Entity Storage - Custom Objects for Freshsales Suite. Check out our sample apps repository for sample implementations. You can also go through the session recording of the Community Hour episode, where we presented Entity Storage.

This release of FDK also ships some bug fixes. See the What’s New page for the changelog.

To install the latest FDK version, run:

npm install -g

Congrats to all who were involved. Great work!!! :clap:


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