Getting a Permissions Error when Importing Notes/Replies for any agents

Hi All - I’m currently migrating our tickets over from another help desk and for some reason I’m getting this error whenever I try to create a Reply or a Note from someone that isn’t myself:

{'code': 'invalid_user', 'message': 'You are not authorized to perform this action on behalf of this user. id:[USER_ID] name:[NAME OF AGENT OR CUSTOMER]'}

I have administrator permissions and these users are all agents or customer contacts, so it shouldn’t be preventing me from doing this based on what I’ve read in the docs.

Here’s some pseudocode from my Python script:

        reply_data = {
            "body": body,
            "from_email": created_by,
            "user_id": responder_id,
            "cc_emails": cc_emails,
            "bcc_emails": bcc_emails

        note_data = {
            "body": body,
            "private": True,
            "user_id": responder_id

r =, auth = (freshdesk_api_key, "x"), headers = { 'Content-Type': 'application/json' }, data = json.dumps(reply_data), verify=False)

Has anyone ever run into this problem?

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It might be possible that you might be using the API key of an agent whose role doesn’t have required permissions?

Yeah - figured this out today. We thought that the Default Admin role would allow for this but it turns out that it doesn’t and you need to create a separate role that has the “Assume Identity” permission checked.

Not super intuitive and it would be nice if the Default Admin role was able to be edited for situations like this.

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