Getting domain name on custom iparams page

The following does not seem to work on my custom iparams page. Ive used client.db just fine but does not work. if anyone has another method of getting the domain name from this page that would be useful. I need the domain name for validation and I don’t believe client.request includes domain name"domainName").then (
    function(data) {
      // success operation
      // "data" is {"domainName":""}
    function(error) {
      // failure operation
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Hi Omar,
Good Day!, Hope you are doing good.
Unfortunately in custom iparams you are able to use only the following services such as DB, Request API and SMI.
and DataAPI is not allowed to use in the iparams and the only workaround is to use the form fields to get from the user.



Hi Omar,
I use the following appoach to solve this on custom iparams page:

const domain = (window.location !== window.parent.location) ? document.referrer : document.location.href;