Global CTI app needs to identify the Ticket details currently opened

Is there any option for the Global CTI app to identify which Ticket details are being opened by the Agent in the Freshdesk application?

This is for an outbound call scenario for one of the Freshdesk customers. The agent will open the ticket from his/her dashboard and make the outbound call (Click 2 Dial). But the CTI application needs to understand from which ticket the call was triggered so that it can log the call logs and call record after the call disposition.

Let me know if there is any mechanism to achieve this requirement.

Hi @sujeshmathew ,

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As you mentioned it’s a Global CTI app, I don’t think you can make use the data method to access ticket object here.

But, found a thread discussing similar usecase.

Please check if this helps you.



Thanks for sharing the details, @mariappan.

The Send data from one location to another location using the send and receive Instance methods solution appears to be working as expected for this use case. The ticket_background app can send the ticket details to the CTI app when the Agent navigates to the ticket details.

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