Global CTI interface method (show/hide) in Freshsales

We are building a custom CTI application in Freshsales and lately noticed that a interface method to show and hide softphone is not documented in Freshsales developer documents.

Method documented in Freshdesk:
client.interface.trigger("show", {id: "softphone"});

Do we have a workaround to solve this in Freshsales?


Hi @Adith,

We have a syntax for it covered in the CTI tutorial for Freshsales Suite (Freshworks CRM). The following syntax can be used for opening and closing the app widget.

To show the telephony app widget:

client.interface.trigger("show", { id: "phoneApp" })

To hide the telephony app widget:

client.interface.trigger("hide", { id: "phoneApp" })

Hi @Raviraj

Thanks a lot, that solved my issue. :smile:

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