How can we change width of showDialog?

Hi Team,

we need to change width of showDialog for our extension, Is there any way to achieve that?

for open extension we ate using showDialog like this

app.initialized().then((client) => {
          window.client = client;


"app.activated", function (data) {
              .trigger("showDialog", {
                title: "Gupshup Whatsapp Message",
                template: "index.html",
                () => {
                  window.client = client;
                function () {
                  client.interface.trigger("showNotify", {
                    type: "danger",
                    message: "Some error has occured in 'Start freshdesk app'.",

Hi @abhishek.kasera ,

Good day!

As of now, you’d not have that provision to customise the width of dialog rendered. If you try giving fixed width to your container inside index.html, you’ll get a horizontal scroll as the width & height of the parent container is fixed and it’s with the product itself.


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