How to determine if Freshdesk ticket has been created when a Freshchat conversation is resolved

When the onConversationUpdate event is triggered in the Freshchat API, how could I determine if a ticket had been created in Freshdesk by the integration?

Hello @RobAtOpinyin

Assuming that you are making a Freshdesk ticket create API call for every onConversationUpdate, can you log on a successful API call. This way, you can confirm that a ticket is created by checking the logs later

Hi @RobAtOpinyin

One of the options would be to store conversation id as part of the FD ticket when you initially map the ticket fields between two systems. You can later check if the ticket exists with the conversation id in onConversationUpdate event.

Hi @shravan.balasubraman

The ticket would be created by the native Freshcaller > Freshdesk integration.

Hi @Sachin_Kumar

Many thanks for the suggestion.

I did consider that idea and was going to test it but it depends a little on how long that takes. I want to add a custom message to the chat when it is resolved but only when a ticket has not been created. If this idea is pretty fast then it could work but if it takes too long I risk the respondent missing the message.

What would be best would be the onConversationUpdate event indicates if a ticket has been created but I couldn’t see anything like that in the payload.

Hi @RobAtOpinyin

Thanks for explaining your use case and agree that there are chances that searching might take sometime before returning the response.
However, you mentioned that the ticket creation will occur using OOB integration and you would add custom messages only if ticket is not created. Have you encountered cases where ticket creation failed while using the native capability of creating ticket on conversation resolution ?

Hi @Sachin_Kumar

This is the first time I have worked with Freshcaller and haven’t used the OOB integration in production. This work is for a client.

The case I am looking at is where the agent decides to resolve the conversation and create a ticket.

Hi @RobAtOpinyin

At present we do not have automatic ticket creation available on resolving the chat and agent need to select “resolve and create ticket” option from UI. This actions notifies in UI if the ticket was created or not. A custom message can be used by agent to notify end user if the ticket could not be created because of some reason.

OK. Thanks @Sachin_Kumar

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