How to disable the basic Freshdesk Contact center from the CTI Side bar

Hi Team,
When an click to event was made from the Freshdesk event was going to the Freshdesk contact center application/plugin. But it is not going to the Custom CTI, So please let me know how to disable it.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Narendra,

I can enable and disable the Freshdesk contact centre from the admin settings. Could you try the same steps to see if you can disable it?

Direction: Admin → Phone → Disable the toggle against the Freshcaller/Freshdesk Contact Centre account

If your account plan is Omnichannel, it’s expected to use the Freshdesk Contact centre. In that case, if you are unable to disable it, could you share your account domain for us to check?

Hi Raviraj,
There is no toggle option to enable/disable. Please find the below attached screenshot for reference. Account domain was shared in the Chat box.

@Narendra Thanks for sharing the account domain over chat.

Your account is an Omni channel bundled account. It comes with Freshdesk Contact Centre as well.
Please get in touch with Freshdesk support on how to disable it on your account or downgrade it to only Freshdesk.