How to get Incoming call to the user/agent in Freshdesk CTI app?

Hi Team,
I am trying to integrate the CTI with our dialer. Here I am not getting how can I land an incoming call to the user/agent. ie… I need to give a popup window in the Freshdesk, where user/agent need view the respective contact details. So how can trigger the event in the Freshdesk from my dialer(server).

Thank in advance.

Hi @Narendra,

In the Freshworks platform, there’s no ever-running server, and only a Serverless platform is available to listen to webhook. But, it cannot communicate with the front-end app the user will use. It will require a web socket connection to communicate with the front-end app.

Listening to the call events from the CTI app requires a middleman server to reliably connect over a web socket to make real-time communication when there are any events while the user logs in. If your server can run a web socket server that the app can connect to, then the middleman server is not required.

You can check the web socket connection sample in the sample CTI app. A simple Node.js middleware server that starts a web socket server is also shown.

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