How to intercept value of a custom field update

Since FD does not allow “sections” on text field, I’m creating a custom app for freshdesk that is supposed to intercept update and check if a custom field has been filled or not, to force the agent to fill a secondary custom field.

Custom field 2 (drop down) is only required when Custom field 1 (text) is filled.

i’m using a click event to intercept update :"ticket.propertiesUpdated", propertiesUpdatedCallback, {
        intercept: true

Then I check, in my call back function, the date :
const data = event.helper.getData()

But all I get, when I read the data is :

And I can’t distinguish between the Custom fields I’m interested in and the other custom fields updated.

Is there a way to get the data of the custom field of the update, or an alternative way to check if a custom text field has been filled?


Hi @lobose
Currently there is no way to distinguish between the customs fields.
Although you can try adding different named attributes to the custom field and distinguish based on the name.
For example:

if data.changedAttributes.customAttribute1[2] == true {
    // do something
} else{
// ignore

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