How to listen to onCallUpdate event on Freshsales Suite?

Hello team!

Since Freshsales Suite has the Freshcaller built in, how can I listen for onCallUpdate event? I tried to use as documented for Freshcaller SDK, but it does not work:

Use case:
When a contact calls for the first time, they will be assigned to an agent, and from now on, the same agent should always get the call from this contact.
In order to do that, I need to:

  • Listen when an agent is assigned to a call (onCallUpdate), then set on data storage it’s ID if not set yet.
  • Create a custom action that should return a value indicating which queue the call should be sent (there will be just one agent per queue configured in Freshsales).

Although “Routing Automation - Custom Actions” is not documented on Freshsales SDK, I was told that it works, even so because on the product interface I can set it: