How to solve real-time Freshchat conversations data one-way sync?

I need to export the Freshchat conversations data in real time to a database.
This data would precisely be the payload from serverless event onConversationUpdate.
I thought of some solutions, but each one has a problem:

  1. I could listen to serverless events onConversationCreate and onConversationUpdate, get the payload data and sent to a endpoint. Problem: The Request Method has a rate limit of 50 per minute. The account has about 150 agents, you can image the amount of conversations being created/updated every minute.

  2. I could use Freshchat webhook to send to my endpoint. But the account is integrated with Freshbots, so webhook is already being used.

  3. This would not even be in real time: use the Freshchat API to get the conversations in every minute, but surprise, there’s no endpoint to get all conversations, the available conversation GET endpoint needs the conversation_id, and does not even return the data that I need.

So, someone can image how I could accomplish my objective?

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Hi @samuelpares,

With option 1, it is possible in the following way.

Instead of using Request method, the API can be made using any other popular external HTTP library. Rate-limit will not be an issue with this solution. Since there will no necessary for security handling in the backend, it is fine to an external library in this case.

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