How to use websocket in the latest App development platform ( 2.3)

Is it possible to use web socket in the app ? It will be better if somebody can provide a sample how to develop CTI app in the latest platform 2.3.
Lot have been changed in latest platform 2.3

Hi @sanjitpradhan,

For CTI apps, it would require a web socket to communicate with the cloud telephony provider or your own server for smooth communication. But, our platform does not provide a native feature to support web socket communication.

You can use any other third-party libraries to achieve web socket communication. The frontend component of the app will support web socket. The Serverless component of the app will not support it as it will not run forever. After the 20-second timeout, the Serverless execution will be stopped. So, for any communication middleman between your app and cloud telephony should be implemented with a custom server on your own end.

For app migration to the platform version 2.3, please checkout this guide - Smooth Sailing: Video Guides for Seamless App Migration
As shown in the video guide, you can use Freddy Copilot for Developers for free while it is in beta.