Identify KB article associated with the ticket response

hello guys, I need help with knowledge base, I need to know which knowledge base article is being inserted in the ticket, but in the documentation I didn’t find anything related, is there any way?


You have to enable Auto-suggest solutions while creating a new ticket option in Freshdesk

Admin > Portal > Manage Sections

hello, I need to capture this event via sdk, I also don’t want knowledge base suggestions, I need to know which article was inserted in the ticket by the analyst.


What is the business use case?

Does your app want to know as a product event or may be one of the event methods?

Hello Saif, I need to count which articles are being used the most by agents, today the customer has a ticket field that he manually fills in this field putting the article link, but he has cases of private articles so he can only put the content .

The use case in brief consists of:

  • Identify which article was inserted in the response
  • Count it as used
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Hello @Marllon_Mainardes
Thanks for sharing the use-case for this. There isn’t a particular event available in the SDK to identify when a solution article is linked into a ticket.

Have you considered listening to the Send Reply event and then looking for a solution article URL in the reply body text?

Also, did you have some plan on how and where to store this count? I am assuming Key Value Store would work for you.

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Hello @satwik , if there was no other way, I had already thought about doing it the way you suggested, but the client has cases that send the article in html instead of the link, so we will need him to put some special characters so we can identify, but how involves string manipulation I think it’s susceptible to error, but I believe it will be the way.

As for the storage, the client already uses a custom field that stores the articles separated by semicolons, but does this manual process.

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