Implementation of Pre-chat form in FreshChat Messaging

Hey Dev Community & @Saif ,

I’ve embedded your Freshchat messaging app services on my website going by the domain But now I want to implement custom Prechat form on your bot services. I’ve already gone through this URL (Set up pre-chat forms with Freshchat to greet your customers : Freshdesk Messaging) but of no use. I want to add 2 custom fields viz. name, request no.
Kindly help me with the data types which are required to implement this. Also, I want to customise the UI of this prechat form.

Kindly suggest me how to implement this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @servetel.fw.crm

I understand that pre-chat forms with Freshchat do not work as expected. But my knowledge is limited as much as what you’ve shared in the support article. Our team doesn’t have direct support to extend help on this topic at this time and your topic gives +1 to build our help processes in this direction.

At this moment, if you don’t mind, can you check this issue with ? But similar questions are welcome in the future.

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