In Development Custom App is not showing

Hello there,

I’ve created In Development Custom app to be able to test my application as well as deploy and installation processes.

Deployment went well, my Custom Application is showing on ‘Manage Apps’ page under ‘In Development’ Tab and is Enabled!

But that does nothing, my application widget is not appearing on ticket details page (and other places where the app should be running as per our manifest.json file)

What could be the issue here? Should I allow some other settings in order to use In Development application?

Hi @Vitalii_Sukhostavsky ,

The “In Development” apps are the same as those running apps in a local setup. Kindly append “dev=true” in the query param to view them.

PFA the screenshots to clarify further.

In Development Apps installed on the instance

List of custom apps installed on the instance

Viewing apps without query param (Only custom apps are visible)

Viewing apps with query param “dev=true” (Both custom and in-development apps are visible)


That makes total sense. Thanks for your quick response!

Followup question: If I decide to publish my Custom App to productions, will other Freshdesk accounts be able to install it or only account that is associated with this Custom app?
Is there any Custom apps marketplace?

Thank you @Vitalii_Sukhostavsky.

The Custom Apps as the name suggest are for customer-specific or account-specific use case alone. They will be visible under the specific product instance galleries and will be visible only for that account alone.

Furthermore, if the developer of the app realises that the app use case is pretty common then they can publish the same app as a marketplace app and even monetise the same. Refer to what’s new with paid apps for more details.

Once the app is published as a Marketplace app (Free/Paid) it will be listed under Freshworks Marketplace and also in the respective product galleries under the “Neo Marketplace → Marketplace Apps” section.


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