What's new with Paid Apps Program!

Since the introduction of the Freshworks Paid Apps program with Freshales Users, we saw a growing interest among developers in building a Freshworks Marketplace Paid Apps. Over the last two months, we listened to developer pain points and common queries to understand and improve the developer experience.

Featuring paid apps

We saw Freshdesk AI Ticket Summary a GPT-powered application by BetterApps at ₹5699.0/account/month showing the traction of building AI-powered applications and monetising the AI momentum. This is just the beginning of a whole new exciting journey for app developers.

Here are a few honourable mentions from the recently launched paid applications under the new incentive program with 100% revenue share under the new limited period paid apps incentive program, instead of the standard 80:20 model.

  1. Magento 2 Connector and PrestaShop Connector for Freshdesk. BigCommerce Connector for Freshsales and others by MorfDev at ₹324.0/agent/month
  2. Stripe 360 by Supporto360 at ₹2300.0/account/month
  3. Smart CTI connector for Avaya by NovelVox at ₹1800.0/agent/month
  4. Calendly Portal for Freshsales Suite by MarchBot at ₹400.0/agent/month

What has changed for developers?

During the last few office hours, 1:1 connects, community and email threads, we have curated the frequently asked questions and process clarifications.

As part of our continued commitment to providing a better developer experience for paid app developers, we are happy to roll out three additional resources that help you successfully publish and manage a paid app.

  1. The Marketplace Paid Apps FAQ contains over 20 FAQs with detailed answers and links.
  2. Modify the free app to a paid app. It covers detailed steps to convert your existing Freshworks Free app to a paid app.
  3. How to edit pricing information for a paid app? highlights when and how one can change the pricing information of a paid app.

We conducted an online webinar and two hands-on workshops. Here is the link to the webinar recording conducted on Mar 9, 2023, and to the hands-on workshop that took place on Mar 30, 2023. It enables paid app developers to build, pack, and submit their apps for app review and best practices with live Q&A sessions.

We are continuously working towards improving the app experience, adding more features and rolling out additional enablement material stay tuned for more updates.

That’s not all!

The paid apps incentive program is still live.

  • Submit one app by May 15, 2023, to get 100% revenue for six months
  • Submit two apps by May 15, 2023, and get 100% revenue for nine months
  • Submit three or more apps by May 15, 2023, and get 100% of revenue for a year

Check out our Freshworks Neo blog to see what’s new with the developer community.

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