Incorrect Ticket Id in OnConversationCreate Product event

Incorrect Ticket Id in the conversation object on OnConversationCreate Event.

Is this issue on our portal only ?. Please help me out by resolving this issue.

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Hey Sheik,

I confirmed this in my account and found it to be a bug in the Freshservice product side. I have notified them about this. Will come back to you once this is fixed. Thanks for pointing this out.

However, an alternate, not so straight forward solution is to add the ticket’s URL in the reply using and Open Reply section in and get the ticket id from the body_text from the payload. This is only a temporary solution. I would like to clarify further if you have doubts

Hi @shravan.balasubraman,

Thanks for your quick response. Can we get the ticket id from the ticket_display_id attribute in the conversation object ?. We have even noticed that on Ticket Details page, the data API is having this problem too. We could see two attributes in the ticket object. One is id and other one is ticket_display_id. The ticket_display_id is the actual ticket id and the id attribute holds the value which is similar to the ticket_id which comes in the onConversationCreate event.

Hi @Sheik,

Karthick here from Freshworks Engineering. The issue with ticket_id attribute in onConversationCreate event payload has been fixed now. You must be seeing the right payload now. Thanks for reporting the issue.