Intergration with External Web Application (External Issue Tracker)

Hi there, i would like to ask if it possible to integrate Freshdesk and an External Web application to be able to share data between the two.

In description, i would like to have a ticket created in Freshdesk and automatically gets shared to my external application which is also an internal issue tracker like Fogbugz.

Hi @tatendaban,

Firstly, welcome to our community!

Yes, it’s possible to integrate Freshdesk with any external application with API or Webhook interface to communicate with.

Create a Serverless application in our developer platform and make use of onTicketCreate event to execute a function upon a ticket creation in Freshdesk to notify the external application with required information from the event handler arguments.

If you would like to create a ticket from your external application, Freshdesk API is available to create a ticket. You can also opt to use our JavaScript SDK (Beta) to create ticket.

Hey there @Raviraj , thanks for the response. I already have an external application written in Python and that is why i had asked if it was possible in regards. I would like a walkthrough from you as to how it can be done.

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@tatendaban You can take up our step-by-step tutorials in the following order and post here if you have any questions while going through them.

  1. Introduction to Freshworks Developer Platform
  2. Build your first Freshworks app
  3. Simple GitHub integration using OAuth, Data Storage, Notifications
  4. Build your first Freshworks serverless app

Upon completion of these tutorials, you will be able to do the two-way sync as I have mentioned in my previous reply.

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