Is it possible to get performer context for onTicketUpdate product event?

We’re looking to solve the mentioned use case via a custom app:

An agent is part of 2 groups:

Round-robin is turned on for both groups; in this situation, the Agent automatically gets tickets assigned from both groups

There is no current capability for an agent to “toggle off” the automatic assignment for one group; while staying active in the other group

Bearing in mind that even though they don’t want to get tickets automatically assigned, they should still have the ability to get tickets manually assigned.

The app should allow the supervisor/admin agent to update the agent’s roles and permissions via API so that they don’t have to manually update their availability every time.

That said, To solve this requirement,

We’re looking to differentiate the following:

  • An agent being manually assigned vs. auto-assigned via round-robin.
  • We would be using the onTicketUpdate product event to listen to agent assignments, but this does not tell us who executed the action. Do you suggest any alternatives/workarounds we can consider to identify the actor that performed the agent assignment operation?

Could you please let us know if this is feasible, As far as I understand the market place team confirmed that, TicketUpdate payload does not return performer data. These events are owned by Product.


Hi @Vishaal_Shanmugavel,

It is possible to change the roles of the agents via Update Agent API.

You’re right. The onTicketUpdate will only contain the changed agent field values and it will not tell which action has caused this action.

To consider an alternative, there’s a change event for agentChanged and an intercept event (propertiesUpdated) that enables the app to either continue the action or halt the action.
Depends on the use-case, either of them can be used to find if the agent is changed in the frontend.

Only drawback with this way is, it won’t work when the agent is updated in a different way such as Freshdesk mobile app and API. It will only work from Freshdesk web application.

Will any of this way work? If there’s any issue, let us know to see if they can be solved as well.

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As the previously mentioned workaround will fail for multiple other cases such as updates from list view, automation rules, and bulk updates as well.

I will take it up as a feature request to add performer information in the onTicketUpdated event payload with some context to resolve this use-case.

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