New Event "onTemplateLoaded" in "New Email Page"

Hello Freshworks Dev Community

In our instance, we use a custom app to provide customized signatures when doing outbound emails (
Why a custom app?

  1. Because there’s no OOTB solution within the product
  2. Marketplace apps did not prove to be satisfactory

The custom app is working very well, but for an even smoother process, I’d need a trigger just after the user has loaded a preconfigured “ticket template”.
Then I could instantly put in the correct signature below the text via our custom app.

According to Freshdesk Support Team, there is no such an event - So is there a way to get it implemented?
Is there a need for such an event even within other companies?

I am very new to this dev-community, so hopefully I put everything as I should :slight_smile:


Hello @ThomasH, this is a great request. :+1: Upvoting this one for sure. Being able to utilize that moment the template is loaded would allow a number of additional functions in my opinion. Lets get this in front of the DevRel and product teams!!!

Take care

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