No Event Triggers For Deletion events of any product in FreshWorks CRM

I am developing a custom application for FreshWorks CRM in which I wanted to capture the payloads from Task product events. Task Creation and Task Update events are working perfectly, but I was unable to find an event that gets triggered when a task is deleted. I wanted to know if there is an other way to trigger Deletion event.

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@Osama_Abid Can you check for the onTaskUpdate event? When a task is deleted, it will trigger the update event and will contain the below payload implying that the task is deleted.

"changes": {
    "model_changes": {
        "is_deleted": [
        "updated_at": [
    "system_changes": {},
    "misc_changes": {}

Let me know if this works for you.


This is working. Thank you for your response.