No response using CTI framework with a custom app webhook

I’m building a custom app that invoke a external event when someone use the CTI. With the development webhook it works perfectly, also with the production webhook i can call the external event by Postman, and it works. But when i use the production webhook in the CTI framework app available on the marketplace nothing happens and no logs are printed.

  status: 'OK',
  callstatus: 'Trying',
  message: 'Call in Progress',
  callid: '..................'

Thats the log i recive using the development webhook (ngrok), should be the same log with the production webhook.

I’ve tryed to install the custom app in another freshservice account, and it works. I dont know what is causing this problem. Maybe if the CTI framework had some kind of logs, the problem could be resolved, but for now, i alredy have what i need.

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