Not able to publish app as 'External app' in Fresworks developer portal

We are having issues while adding our 8x8 app in the marketplace. When i create External app in Freshdesk and try to publish them from the app management portal, we get the below error. But the page doesn’t have any validation errors so I’m not sure what needs to be done. Can you please help on this or direct me to the correct team ?

Freshworks support portal asked me to check here. I have screen recording which shows no error other than this but this system not allowing me to upload here

I have updated all the mandatory fields, even video links. I don’t see any other errors in any of the fields.


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Apologies for facing any inconvenience!

Please share the HAR logs generated while clicking on save and publish so that it will be easier for us to debug the issue that you are facing.

How to share HAR logs?

  1. click inspect element and open the network tab
  2. At the top, the download icon will be present
  3. clear all the existing network logs
  4. click on save and publish and export the HAR logs and share it

Mughela Chandresh

Hi @smithahm

I have tried reproducing the issue in my test account from the details present in the screenshot. Seems like we have restrictions with the app name starting with a number. We are in the phase of removing such restrictions in the app name. For time being, please rename the app name such that it starts with an alphabet something like Freshdesk 8x8 meanwhile we will be fixing it from our end. I will intimate you once the fix is ready and you can rename the app with 8x8 for Freshdesk if you wish.

Thanks and Regards,
Mughela Chandresh


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