Not receiving webhook event on the specified url

I have created automation rule under ticket updates to perform action (trigger webhook) on my endpoint but for some reason it is not getting sent. When on Postman for the same request I am getting valid response. I also checked if it is getting fired from freshdesk under the added rule

→ impacted tickets, where it shows correct number as it should when the specified event occurs.

But it is not hitting the given endpoint.

The same request is getting success response when using Postman. If there was an issue with my endpoint, the postman request should also have returned the same which is not the case. Can you please help me on this

Hi @sam,

Based on your description, it could be an issue at Freshdesk. Or you have missed configuring something required in Freshdesk automation.

Could you create a support ticket for the Freshdesk team ( to check on this? They could confirm if it’s an issue at the Freshdesk end.

Out of context, did you mistype the name as “Sma” whereas your username says “sam”? let me know if you want it changed.

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