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Hello guys,

I’ve been working on an application that adds a time stamp to custom fields whenever the status of the ticket changes and the update button is clicked.

I’ve used a serverless application with the onTicketUpdate event to capture this trigger and add the time stamp to the custom field.

May I know if is there a way by which I could notify that agent on the ticket details page by showing a notification to them saying a time stamp has been added? or is the only way is that I need to create a front-end application and handle this?

Kindly let me know if there is a possibility of a workaround. Thank you in advance.

Hi Guys,

Can someone help with this, please?
Thanks in advance

Hi @mohammed, apologies for the delay.

There is no way to trigger a frontend event, like a notification, from serverless. You need a frontend component in your app to trigger a notification using interface methods. You can use the ticket.propertiesUpdated event to listen to a user clicking the “Update” button.

But given that your app updates ticket properties from the serverless event handler, your frontend component will not reliably know when the operation is successful.

Hi @kaustavdm

Thanks for taking the time to check the issue.
The problem was agents can change the status of the tickets from the ticket list page as well hence the reason I had to avoid the ticket.propertiesUpdated.
Thanks once again for clearing that to me.

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