Oauth_iparams support for agent level oauth installations

This post contains a comment saying oauth_iparams is not supported for agent level oauth installations:

There is no mention of this in the actual developers documentation.
Is there any way to use the oauth_iparams with agent level oauth installations at this time?

I want to be able to configure the client ID / Secret as well as the callback URL.
Strange enough, when adding the oauth_iparams and referencing them in the oauth_config.json I do get a installation page showing the oauth_iparams that I declared a long with a “Reauthorize” button.

But that seems to indicate the installation is executing an Account level installation instead of an Agent level installation.

See editted oauth_config.json below. I changed some values and this one only displays the client id usage, but I have implemented it with secret and redirect URI as well.


"client_id": "<%= oauth_iparams.theClientId %>",

"client_secret": "ABC",

"authorize_url": "https://someurl&client_id=<%= oauth_iparams.theClientId %>&redirect_uri=https://oauth.freshdev.io/auth/callback",

"token_url": "https://tokenurl.com",

"options": {

  "scope": "offline_access openid profile",

  "audience": "https://theaudience/",

  "state": "login",

  "grant_type": "authorization_code"


"token_type": "agent",

"oauth_iparams": {

  "theClientId": {

    "display_name": "The Client ID",

    "description": "Please enter your Client ID",

    "type": "text",

    "required": true




@j.couwenberg ,
Good Day!
You can’t use the Oauth_iparams key in agent level Oauth,
Instead, you need to hardcode the client and secret in the JSON itself

I hope it helps :slight_smile:



Will this ever be added for Agent lever OAuth and if so, when will this be?