onTicketDelete product event only provides model_id for ticket

When the onTicketDelete event is fired in a serverless app, the payload provides a value called model_id in the ticket object. How can you relate this back to the ticket as this value appears to be different to the actual ticket ID used in the View A Ticket API call.

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The model_id is different (Identifier of the ticket record that contains all information (information stored when the ticket is created and additional information) pertaining to the ticket.)

id is the one which you need to use to view a ticket (Identifier of the ticket object, auto-generated when a ticket is created in the Freshdesk system).

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Hi @Santhosh

My question was how I can relate the two. My use case is as follows

  • a ticket is deleted in FD.
  • I mark the ticket as deleted in the 3rd party system.

On reflection, in the above case I don’t need to use the onTicketDelete event as I believe the onTicketUpdate event is also fired and the delete field is set to true.

However I am not really sure what the purpose of is the onTicketDelete event. Can you advise a use case?


Sorry for the delay in response,
Just checked with the payload which receiving on ticketDelete event,



There is an issue with the document, I will ask my team to correct ASAP.


Hi @Santhosh

No problem. Glad I was able to help spot a bug in the documentation :smile:

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