Ozonetel CTI Integration

Hello Team,

We would like to do an API based CTI integration between Ozonetel and FreshService. For this integration we require few API details.

1. We need an API, for screen pop. When ever a caller calls if there contact details exists on the Freshservice it should pop up, so the person who receives the call has complete details of the caller; 
2. Once the call is over, which API/endpoint we should hit to pass the call data so it will create task/ticket/activity along with call details like call date and time, duration, call recording, etc.;
3. Is it possible to integrate an Ozonetel provided URL/API to the client Freshservice instance. The purpose of this URL is to enable click2call functionality;

Hello @Amar

You can follow this link Computer Telephony Integration(CTI) Framework : Freshservice