Prevent Agent closes the Ticket notification via REST-API


I’m looking for a way to prevent the ‘Agent closes the Ticket’ notification when a ticket is closed via the REST API?

Is this possible? Haven’t found anything in the documentation.

Mats Wallin

Hi @matsw,

I cannot clearly understand your requirements. I’m not sure where this notification comes from.

APIs that are documented are only available to use in Freshservice. If there are any other APIs required, it has to be requested as a feature request only.
If you could explain further, I can help submit it as a feature request.

Hi Raviraj,

Thanks for getting back to me regarding this. I’ll try to explain better.

When an agent closes a ticket in FreshService by clicking on the Close button while holding down the Shift key, no email-notification is sent to the requester saying that the ticket is closed.

I was looking for a similar possibility when I’m closing a ticket using the REST API.

I hope you better understand what I was looking for.


Mats Wallin

Hi @matsw,

It’s not possible to skip the notification while closing the ticket via API. It would be a feature request.

But there’s a workaround to disable the notification for all the tickets and, based on some classification, send email notifications selectively, ignoring the list of tickets for which you want to avoid sending notifications.

I guess @Raviraj refers to what is discussed here.


Thanks, I’ll look into that.

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