Problem with code testing

Hello, I am testing code coverage using your commands - fdk run and fdk test.

But it seems that istanbul js doesn’t see my tests.

An important thing, I took only one function for the example. In real code I have more of them and that’s why code coverage doesn’t pass validation. Below is the code, tests and screenshots.


let client;


async function init() {
  client = await app.initialized();'app.activated', renderOrder);

function searchOrderNumber(ticketDescription) {
  let regExp = new RegExp(
    '(order|order number|Bestellung|Amazon-Bestellung|Bestellnummer|Verwendungszweck)' +
    '(\\s*|:\\s*|:\\s*#|:\\s*№)' +
  let orderNumber = ticketDescription.match(regExp);
  if (orderNumber) {
    return orderNumber[3];
  return null;

async function renderOrder() {
  const ticket = await'ticket');

module.exports = {


const assert = require('assert');
const ticketDescription = require('../app/test_data/ticketDescription.json');
const app = require('../app/scripts/app.js');

describe('searchOrderNumber', function () {
  it('should return order number', function () {
    assert.equal(app.searchOrderNumber(ticketDescription['description']), 'AU202308406');
  it('should return null if order number not found', function () {
    assert.equal(app.searchOrderNumber('Some description without order number'), null);

fdk test


What else do I need to write in the tests to fix this error? I have a positive and a negative test.

Does instanbul js see my tests?

Thank you for the answers!

Answer: the fdk test, fdk run commands and the istanbul js inside it really don’t see your tests.

Solution: connect any other library for testing, for example mocha and connect istanbul js to it.

Example of package.json file which should be in the root of your project:

  "devDependencies": {
    "mocha": "^10.2.0",
    "nyc": "^15.1.0",
    "jsdom": "22.1.0",
    "mocha-sinon": "^2.1.2"
  "scripts": {
    "test": "nyc mocha",
    "test-report-html": "nyc --reporter=html --report-dir='./tests_report' mocha"

npm test


npm test-report-html (to get test coverage report)

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