Product event getting triggered multiple times in FS

Hello folks,

We’ve built a Freshservice-Mavenlink integration app. We create a Mavenlink project whenever a certain set of fields in Freshservice have values present in them.

For this we listen for updates in the ticket to run checks before creating our project in Mavenlink. I noticed a lot of duplicate projects in Mavenlink and traced the issue back to Freshservice wherein the product event “onTicketUpdate” is being fired multiple times for just one set of actions performed. This happens parallelly within barely a second interval which is resulting in duplication of projects in Mavenlink due to multiple parallel executions of our app code.

I shall attach two sets of logs with two different message ID’s that were triggered for the same set of actions on the ticket. It seems like the update button was clicked on the ticket and two of these product events have been triggered for it.
Product - Freshservice.
APP ID - “31815_82427”

From the message ID’s in logs, it can be observed that these two events are occurring almost simultaneously for the same time stamps and my guess is that one set of actions or an update is getting split into two of these events (possibly). It can be noticed that only or two of the lines in the logs differ (pertaining to the fields list that has new values) and the rest of the logs are the exact same set of actions being performed.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Anand,
We will check with Freshservice :freshservice: team and will get back to you.

This seems to be similar to the issue I was having in this post. Strange behavior of `onTicketUpdate` event in Freshservice Sandbox

Nothing has been resolved at the moment, but that this would help bring attention to this issue


Thanks for linking your post here. I thought I was the only one!

Hope this issue is resolved soon, we’re having tons of duplicate projects in the third party system as a result of the product event duplications! :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @ManiDeepak_Vandrangi,

Any updates regarding this?

This is being tracked at Strange behavior of `onTicketUpdate` event in Freshservice Sandbox