Product event not getting triggered in Freshdesk for Contact update

Hello folks,

We’ve built a Freshdesk-Salesforce integration app. The app listens for the OnContactUpdate product event to sync the Freshdesk contact’s fields to Salesforce.

When the agent tries to update the related company of the contact, the product event is not getting triggered. Not sure if the company filed update in the Contact will trigger the onContactUpdate event.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Gautham,
We will trigger the onContactUpdate event whenever the details of the contact is updated. Please refer Product Events. Can you please confirm if your app is configured to listen to onContactUpdate event ?
Please use App Manifest to make app listen to product events.


Hi @Chandiramouli_Ramach,

Yes, the onContactUpdate event is configured in the manifest.
The product event is triggering for all the contact field updates except for the company field in contact.


Hello Gautham,
The event should be triggered. Can you please share the x-request-id or the HAR logs when the change was made in the product contact page along with the timestamp so that we can check in our backend.


Hi @Chandiramouli_Ramach

Please find the attached HAR logs. Contact updated at Mon Feb 28 2022 17:51:17 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time) [2022-02-28T12:21:17.556Z] (1.1 MB)

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