Public_url in automations rules

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I looking for an option of ticket.public_url in the custom automation rules drop down but I couldn’t find any option for public_url. Is there any way around for it to add a public_url.

Screenshot Below for reference:

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I am not familiar with the automation, mean while let me check with the product team and get back to you at the earliest


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Hello @Furqan_Mehboob if you are using Freshdesk’s “Trigger Webhook” automation you will only have access to the Ticket URL through placeholders.

In Freshservice’s “Trigger Webhook” action node in workflow automator you can access “Public Ticket URL”

Not sure why the difference. Hopefully the product team can give some insight! Take care.


Thank you @Zach , Could you please refer any product team member who can guide me accordingly?

@Saif @Santhosh Please help.

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You should see a ticketed conversation with the Freshdesk team, @Furqan_Mehboob

Let us know what you learn.

@Saif When I am trying to login it redirects me to same login page.

After pressing login button it redirects me to below page for few seconds then same login page

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