Query regarding change in schema of serverless app payload


We have recently started using the Freshdesk serverless app. Over the last 1 week, we noticed that the schema of the data being received for onTicketCreate, onTicketUpdate & onConversationCreate events. Due to this, we are not able to store data into our database.

Kindly help us with a solution for this.

Diffchecker links for the same:


Hello @Awaneesh_Kishore

I wonder if these changes are expected? Are changes being made to the Freshdesk account in terms of the ticket fields and their schema, perhaps? Do you mind specifically point out if something here is not expected and is a result of platform behavior rather than changes being made to the Freshdesk account itself?

We have not made any changes to any fields or schemas. We had added serverless app to get the data & we were pushing it to BigQuery tables. But due to change in schema of the data we were receiving, we were not able to consume the data after some time. The changes we noticed (as per the BigQuery schemas attached above) which:

  • datatype of few fields changed (e.g., String → Long or String → JSON object)
  • new fields were added in between the schema. (BigQuery only supports appending of new field to schema).
  • removal of some fields.

Can you please share exhaustive schema which will not change?


Thanks for expanding on this @Awaneesh_Kishore .

I noted that there were some custom ticket fields in the diff, which is likely to be caused by changes in the ticket properties defined on the Freshdesk account. Optional properties defined for the account additionally may not show up in each payload the app receives.

We don’t currently publish a schema for the event payloads. Our documentation - Product Events - reflects the latest set of attributes you can expect in the payload, but this payload will differ from account to account depending on how it is setup.

Data types of standard ticket properties should not change. Can you share examples of which properties have you noted changing data types?

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