Request child ticket information in the onTicketCreate event payload

Hi team!

It would be nice to have on the event payload for onTicketCreate the association_type for the ticket… if it’s parent/child and it’s associated ids. This is a very important information.
I know that I can make a call to the ticket endpoint to get this, but it would be better to have on the event payload.

@samuelpares - Can you describe a little more on the use case? Currently, to get this information do you make API calls to Freshdesk APIs?

I guess my use case is very particular - if the created ticket is a child ticket and it has some other specified fields, I need to export the parent ticket to a third party API. Since this information is not on the event payload, I make a call to the ticket endpoint - so I know if it as child or parent ticket.
But it seems to me that the event payload should return at least the information that the ticket endpoint give us.


I already request it for another functionality.