Send Notification to Client Side App in Freshdesk

Hi team,

We need to send Notification to Client-Side App to open the Contact in Freshdesk and give the context of the Caller to the Agent - How is this handled - Do we need a 3rd party Push Notification service( like or Pusher APIs) (or) How is this usually handled?

Hi @Dineshkumar_Ravichan,

  • To send a notification to the client-side app, yes, a push notification service has to be used. (For example, on a Node.js based middleware)
  • To open the app, this Interface API can be used to open the respective contact page.
  • Caller context has to be passed via a push notification service broadcast.

A sample CTI application is available here which showcases the same. Ideally, this is how these use-cases handled.


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