Service Request "Request Details" from Freshservice API

I am looking for a way to get the “Request Details” from am Employee Onboarding Service Request freshservice ticket. This is the Parent Onboarding ticket that is generated using the Employee Onboarding Module of the Support Portal. This Service Request lists the onboarding form fields under the heading “Request Details” inside the agent ticket screen. When I do a GET request to get the ticket details, I do not see the “Request Details” listed in the payload. When I add the “requested_items” in the GET URL there is no information returned, since the parent ticket has no “Requested Items”, it also does not contain the “Request Details” in that payload. How do we get to those ticket details that would contain vital information from the Onboarding form?

Here is an example from one of our tickets

If necessary can we get access to this information via an API endpoint please?
Thank you for any help with this issue :slight_smile:

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Hi @Zach,

There’s no public API available to get this Request Details for now.

Please reach out to Freshservice support ( or the customer success manager assigned to you with the solution that you want to solve. They can help if any other alternative is possible.


Thank you @Raviraj appreciate the help!

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