Solution-ing Request: Service book implementation

The service book implementation is a project by UBA, to measure performance evaluation. This project is focused on work flow applications, this means that, for every request logged on Freshdesk, when an agent attends to this request, the business needs to know whether SLAs were adhered to, or breached.

Data Requirement:
Getting time stamps on requests, the agent it was assigned to and more are the details required from freshdesk to enable the Bank track the staff performance from the service book platform

We would need the freshdesk tech team to review and advise a suitable way we can receive these information near real-time.

Events that may trigger the data push may include:

  1. New complaint submission
  2. Change in complaint status
  3. Change in responsible party.

Required data specification includes:

  1. Assigned to: this is the staff responsible to treat request.
  2. Date assigned - This refers to the date the request was assigned
  3. Date updated- This refers to the date the request was last updated
  4. Request id- This refers to the unique identification number of the request
  5. Request description- This refers to the description of the request
  6. Task type- This refers to the unique request type ( example account deactivation complaint or request)
  7. Request status- This refers to the status of the request (for example- pending, approved)
  8. Date completed- This refers to the date the request was completed
  9. Exp. due date- This refers to the expected due/closure date for this request
  10. SLA (value in time)- This refers to the entire turnaround time of the request

Awaiting your timely response. Thank you

Good Day! Welcome to our community!

you can create an app with the below features in Freshdesk

  1. you can use Product Events to capture when there is a new ticket, update tickets, etc.

you will get the response on the product events callback itself, but if you need more information about the tickets you can use API to retrieve the data

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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I am assuming you have a system already in place and need Freshdesk to send the aforementioned data on the events you described.

Although, since this forum has more of a developer audience, we tend to think by solving by writing code first. However, a quick google helped me understand that you can do this without writing an app. Maybe to the most part except for the system that you own receiving the required date from Freshdesk.

The complaint you are referring to would be tickets on Freshdesk’s end if I am not wrong. Also, “responsible party” would be the agent assigned to the ticket?

You should find an Automations module (Settings/Automations) with which you set up automation when a new ticket is created (new complaint submitted) or when ticket is updated (change in complaint status or responsible party). One can tie this automation to a webhook that is generated by your system telling Freshdesk to send the configured details to your system for processing.

Yes, we have a system in place where freshdesk can help us send the data.

We will set up the webhook and have this sent to the developers, so Freshdesk can send the configured details to our system.

Best Regards.