The behavioural issue happens when data property missing in the Recurring Schedule

I am trying to create a recurring schedule, but I don’t want to pass any data. So I removed the data property alone from the schedule registration as below.


It works fine in the local test but after uploading it, as a custom app, it throws an error. getting the error is totally fine. if this behaves as same in local then we can avoid this kind of surprise after installation.

If you make it’s consistent across, that would be great.

This works as expected. I will attach the screencap for the same. I am on FDK 6.0.1. Can you also check which FDk version you are on. If you are on a lower one, can you upgrade it and check the same flow?

Hi Shravan,

Thanks for the reply, I am using “6.3.1” - FDK but still I am facing issue.

Can you help me here.

Can you share a screencap just like the one I shared so that I can get a better look at the logs

cc: @KTP