Third party API response time - Postman vs FDK


We build a CRM custom app that will make an API call, fetch data from the customer environment and display it on the Deal Page.

The customer exposed an endpoint to get the details and they also optimized their API response to 5/6 seconds. We have raised a ticket to increase the request method timeout limit from 6 secs to 10 seconds. (Now the app timeout is set to 10secs)

When we make the API call in the postman, it is returning data in 5 secs, but the custom app is taking more than 10secs and always throwing a timeout error.

We understand it may be because of network calls, but it is taking more than 5 secs.


Custom app

More details about the app:

It appears like the request to update timeout has been processed. :slight_smile:

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