Ticket is update event in workflow is not triggered when webhook fails and retries

Hi Community.

I’m building a workflow which is triggered on “Ticket is raised - event”.
If some conditions are met, a webhook should be triggered to update the current ticket with another requester email.
When testing it directly in the workflow with an already existing ticket, it works fine. But when the workflow is triggered by the event, it fails. After 3 minutes it does an automatic retry (standard mechanism in freshservice) and here it runs the workflow successfully and changes the requester email.

This could in theory be okay to our scenario since we want to send a mail to that requester in a step 2 workflow running on “Ticket is updated - event”. But the retry workflow doesn’t trigger the update event, and therefore we can’t solve the issue we are facing.

Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this or inform if you know if this is a known issue in freshservice?

Best regards Jonathan

Hi @JonathanHojtoft,

Using Ticket Update API in a workflow will not trigger “Ticket is updated - event”. The behavior will be the same if the webhook is succeeded the first time as well.
This is to avoid the workflow being triggered in a loop.

Please consider any alternative ways to achieve your requirement.