Ticket URL in Response Tickets API

I am building an app that observes onTicketCreate and onConversationCreate events in Freshservice and pushes the data to 3rd party system. However, I also want to record the URL of the ticket to allow the user using 3rd party system to open the ticket page directly.

I can construct the URL myself based on the details we currently have, but what if URL changes tomorrow? This hack may fail and cause bad experience

URL can change on which conditions?

For example, today it’s https://subdomain.freshworks.com/helpdesk/tickets/348#requested_items but what if it changes to https://subdomain.freshworks.com/helpdesk/tickets/348?extras=requested_items :man_shrugging:

in onTicketCreateHandler: function (args) you get the data of the ticket in the args structure.

Can’t you use args[‘domain’] ?

from the example:
data: {
ticket: {
subject: ‘Support Needed…’,
requester: {
created_at: ‘2016-12-12T09:37:47Z’
actor: { id: 2356, name: ‘Minerva’, email: ‘minerva@freshdesk.com’ }
timestamp: 1496400354326,
account_id: ‘13’,
domain: ‘sample.freshdesk.com’,
event: ‘onTicketUpdate’,
region: ‘US’,
iparams: {}

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