Trigger interface method to open modal from iframe

We are trying to integration FD with Genesys for CTI. We need to embed http URL in iFrame in FD CTI custom app.
Our requirement is displayed contact record(Fetched from external system via API) whenever call is received in Genesys. Is there any way to open modal from embeded URL of iframe?
Or is there any other way to fulfill the requirement.

Please note, Genesys will be loaded in iFrame in the custom app in FD

Hi @Dev_Aditya,

If you would like to show a modal within the app placeholder, you can use Crayons or any other library to show a modal within the app placeholder.

Suppose you want to show a modal with the Interface Methods of the Freshworks platform. It can be done only from the parent app window since the client object will not be available within the embedded iframe within the app. The postMessage Web API is the only way to transfer the message to the parent and then show the modal.

Here’s a good example of how it can be used to transfer the message from the embedded iframe to the parent and vice versa - Send data between parent window and child iframe - PostMessage API

Thank You Raviraj!

postMessage is working. It should resolved our issue.

Thanks again!

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