Trigger onContactUpdate - Associated Companies

Our serverless app listens to the onContactUpdate event, however we noticed that this event does not always trigger when a contact gets associated to a company. We only get the event when the “primary” company gets set or updated. But every other company the contact gets associated with that happens at a different moment, the OnContactUpdate event does not get triggered.

And even if we trigger an onContactUpdate event (e.g.: by changing the name) together with the changes to the Associated Companies of contact, the newly updated list of Associated Companies are not mentioned in the “changes” field of the event message. We can see company_id and other_companies in the message object in full of an event, but not being listed in the “changes” makes it impossible to tell which items in these fields were updated.

Is there a way we can get these changes to trigger an onContactUpdate event? It’s a crucial part of the event that we require for our application.


this would be important to us!

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This would allow us to scale up with more and more users, because they themselves can then change their contact and associate them to the right companies. Thanks for helping us to create this feature!

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@chrisatos This is a very unclouded and fair case.

By design, Freshdesk observes these events and pushes them to app platform so that app platform can make it available for the apps to consume.

I will convert this into feedback item and trying bringing attention to this problem from the app platform team. Eventually, we should be able to get help from Freshdesk.


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