Trying to upload the app on the marketplace but I get an unknown error


I´m trying to upload an app on the marketplace but I get an unknown error.

As you can see on the attached video, apparently all is ok, but I can´t Save and publish nor Save it.

Moreover, I attach the HAR file when I try to save it and the web consele log.

Thanks in advance and greetings. (199.2 KB)

As I see, the video is not playable, so I have uploaded it on: Download link for 2023-04-12_13-41-53.mp4

Hi @llopez ,
I understand you are trying to publish a paid app, and facing an issue during the upload phase. It is due to app pricing. The error is shown in the attached screenshots.

Here is one for the error shown on the form submission page

Here is one for the actual error on the submission page when scrolled up

Since Freshworks Marketplace apps are available globally, we need pricing information per region we support. Kindly fill appropriate pricing values in the form and try submitting it.

For details refer to paid apps FAQ

I understand the error notifications are not clear, but I will undoubtedly pass this as feedback to the team.



Hi Thakur!

Yes, it was the error.

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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