Unable to catch ticketupdate event on serverless APP

I have created a custom serverless App, where I am watching onTicketUpdate event. I have also added console logs to debug the code, but it seems like not working.

I have tried to update ticket from below options. But it doesn’t works.

Below is server.js and manifest.json code

Anyone please suggest. How to resolve or debug this?

I have created new custom serverless App and add only console.log into onTicketupdateHandler and its logging the ticket updates now.

Is there any way to debug this on Fresh instance with original App.

Hi @akash.pagare

Once, kindly attempt the dependent files outside of the export object.


Hi @akash.pagare ,

Are you not able to see log for the onTicketUpdate event? Is this still the same?

If so, please remove any sensitive information from your code and share the app zip here. Will check and get back.


Hi @mariappan
This has been resolved now. Thanks for helps.

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